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Welcome to the web pages of the log cabin GRIMIK in Držovice near the city of Prostějov, not far away from the Plumlov damp. Even though a log cabin is not very typical for the agricultural region of Haná, where it is situated, it does not really disturb the continuity of its surroundings and therefore enables a very special and unique form of accommodation in this area.
We offer a comfortable modern accommodation together with a wellness zone. The log cabin can be used the whole year round for family holidays, small company events and also for friend meetings. You can book your accommodation via the Booking form or by a phone call. We provide weekend stays, week stays or according to our agreement. You can combine your stay together with the wellness zone or other services provided by GRIMIK.

What can you find here?

When entering the ground floor, you can see the entrance hall. When you continue to the inside, you enter a large kitchen with a living room. The living room has a big sofa, TV set and a cozy fireplace. From the living room, you can walk out to the roofed outside upper terrace with an outdoor sofa and the view of the city of Prostějov. You can also find a bathroom and a toilet downstairs. The first floor has four bedrooms – one single bed and three double – beds. All rooms have air – conditioning. A bathroom and a toilet are also in the first floor. There is a huge garden around the log cabin with a fireplace for summer barbecues. It is possible to park two cars inside the garden.


1. Massages

As a part of our wellness zone, we also offer a variety of massages. A massage belongs to the oldest form of relaxation treatments. You can choose from a sports or classical massage.
The classical massage is the most common type of the massaging techniques. It helps to release stress and tiredness and encourages the regeneration. It is recommended as supportive treatment to injuries of the musculoskeletal system. It helps to release muscle tension, tiredness and stress. It enables bloodshed of muscles and encourages the function of the lymphatic system.

It is not recommended with the states of organism exhaustion, during pregnancy, after – surgery periods, during acute inflammations or with oncological patients. It is also not suitable with skin diseases. Doctor consultation is always needed with all these states.

The sports massage is different though. It has two main functions. It prepares the body for a sports event or it helps with the regeneration after a sports event. Therefore it prevents the organism damage. This massage helps with the muscle and tissue regeneration and the bloodshed. It decreases the muscle pain and increases its performance.

It is not suitable for people after extreme psychical activity, for pregnant women, oncological patients, acute inflammations and for patients with skin diseases. These should not be any inflammation of tendons, muscles or skin present during the sports massage.

The Massage Pricelist

■  The Classical Massage

Type of massage Massage length Price
Back 30 min 300 Kč
Back + neck 45 min 350 Kč
Neck 15 min 150 Kč
Lower limbs 40 min 400 Kč
Upper limbs 40 min 400 Kč
Whole-body massage
(back, neck, upper and lower limbs)
80 min 800 Kč

■  The Sports Massage

Type of massage Massage length Price
Back 30 min 250 Kč
Emergency massage of the lower limbs 15 min 150 Kč

2. The paraffin hand wrap

■  The paraffin hand wrap is a very pleasant and effective application of warm cosmetic paraffin to your hands. It causes the heating, bloodshed and hydration of the skin. During the wrap the process of heating and mineral transfer takes place into your skin – causing again the bloodshed, softening and the increase of its tension. It also has a positive effect on the little hand joints. It releases muscle spasms.

■  What to expect?

You put your hands into this special container with melted paraffin. After a little while you repeat this step until you gain a crust of paraffin on your hands. Then your hands are wrapped into a plastic layer and a termo layer for about 15 minutes. At the end the paraffin is removed carefully from your hands. A gentle crème is applied together with a hand massage.

■  Price: 200 Kč

3. Wellness

4. Try to be the pilot yourself

Grimik offers a true adventurous experience!
Would you like to fly an ULL plane (Skyleader)? Would you like to be the pilot for some time? Would you like to see the nearby countryside from the top? It is possible to arrange a flight from the airport of Přerov or Olomouc after individual consultation.
More information will be provided when booking accommodation or via phone..

Accommodation pricelist

Wellness + accomodation for 1 night for 2 people for the price 5 000 Kč.
Possible to book from Monday to Thursday.
Check in - at 5 p.m., wellness from 6 – 8 p.m., check out - at 10 a.m.
Christmas 2019
(the discount of 10% for wellness service):
1. Christmas Day:         (24.12. - 25.12.)
2. Christmas stay:  (23.12. - 26.12.)
3. Christmas stay:  (21.12. - 26.12.)

7 000 Kč / cottage
14 900 Kč / cottage
25 000 Kč / cottage
Silvestr 2019
(28.12.2019 - 2.1.2020):

29 000 Kč / cottage

The accommodation capacity is 7 people.

Rent of Grimik for a week (6 nights) 29 900 Kč
Rent of Grimik for a weekend (2 nights)
(together with a discount for the wellness)
9 500 Kč
Refundable deposit 10 000 Kč
Accommodation – one night - single – bed room 2 900 Kč
Accommodation – one night - double – bed room 3 900 Kč
Accommodation – one night - all rooms 7 000 Kč

Check in    - 14:00
Check out  - 10:00
The pre - payment and cancelling information.
Conditions for renting.
In case you are interested in a different number of nights, individual planning is possible. Please contact us.

Grimik offers the possibility of company events. The inside and outside together with both terraces and the wellness zone are available. Please contact us for further information and price consultation.

Where to visit

During your stay at Grimik you can visit various interesting places. There is lots to see. You can choose from sightseeing to adventure. The position of Grimik is very close to three cities – Prostějov, Olomouc and Přerov. Let us recommend some of them and maybe give you a tip for a nice trip.

1. The village of Čechy pod Kosířem

This village is situated 10 km from Držovice under the hill Kosíř (the highest point of this region). We can visit a lassicist castle with beautiful spacious gardens surrounding it. In the past, the painter Josef Mánes stayed here and had this magical place to inspire him. You can also visit a museum of historical carriages or a museum of firefighting technologies (where you can see the evolution of firefighting). The hill Kosíř is nearby, seen from the village. There is a new lookout tower with an amazing view of the Prostějov region.

2. The city of Plumlov

About 11 km from Držovice there is a little town of Plumlov. It used to be a very famous tourist place in the past eras for many people in this region. We can visit the Plumlov damp - a water damp built on river Hloučela. You can take a nice walk around the damp. When tired, you can watch the scenery from many restaurants around the damp. In summer you can rest at the beaches, swim, rent boats or try paddle boarding. In the center of the town there is the Plumlov castle – seen from far away. This baroque castle was built by Jan Adam of Lichnštejn at the end of the 17th centrury. It offers three sightseeing tours and many cultural events such as theatre plays and concerts.

3. The city of Prostějov

Prostějov is an important culture center of the region. The main square of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk is worth seeing. There is the monumental town hall and city museum. There is also the birthplace of a famous Czech poet Jiří Wolker there. Near the historical centre of the city there is the city theatre. This art nouveau building was designed by the architect Jan Kotěra and was finished in 1907. Every year about 250 – 300 cultural events take place here. Not far away from the theatre there is the cinema called Kino Metro 70. Sports fans will be happy with the tennis club TK Plus, where you can play tennis, badminton, squash or bowling. If you are lucky, you can also watch some famous sportsmen play here. There is also a winter stadium, where you can see the match of for example the local hockey team LHK Jestřábi Prostějov. If you are interested in more adventure – try the tandem jump from the height of 4000 metres at the local airport. There is also an indoor swimming pool and in the summer an outdoor aqua park Koupelky.

4. The city of Olomouc

Olomouc is the largest city of the region. It is often called “The heart of Haná”. It is a university city – the Palacky university is located there. Olomouc is only 20 km from Držovice. Transport between Prostějov and Olomouc is very good. You can travel by bus, train or by car on the highway E462. Olomouc is famous for its historical center. It is said to have the most famous sightseeing monuments right after Prague. Many of the sights are part of the UNESCO list. The most famous sight is situated on the main square – the Column of the Most Holy Trinity.

If you go sightseeing in Olomouc – don´t miss the Cathedral of St. Václav, the tower of the St. Mořic Church (from where you can see the whole city) or the beautiful baroque church of Panna Marie Sněžná. Flower lovers will certainly appreciate the Flora Olomouc Exhibition (where the garden exhibitions take place regularly). Near Olomouc, you can also visit the village of St. Kopeček with its basilica. There is also the zoo – the only one in the Olomouc region. Olomouc is also a sports center – you can try various sports there in many sports centers. The Olomouc Aqua Park is opened all year round.

5. The Spa of Slatinice

About 9 km from Držovice there is the village of Slatinice. It is a perfect location for a bike trip. Since the 16th centrury, there is a very famous spa in Slatinice. This spa uses many sulfur springs named mainly after famous Czech Saints. Therefore you can find the spring of St. Václav, St. Vít or St. Jiří. After visiting the spa you can have a rest in one the sweet – shops or in the wine cellars on the square.

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